About ChiCeLaCu!'s New Spanish Online Courses

ChiCeLaCu! is pleased to offer new, short-term 7-week online courses this summer for beginner, intermediates and advanced levels. Taught by experienced ChiCeLaCu! teachers, these classes are designed for language learners interested in a fun way to keep Spanish going this summer!

For students who are highly proficient or fluent in the language, we have fantastic new courses designed to expand literacy and fluency across all domains: DRAWING, PROGRAMMING, MATH, ART, AND MORE.

We are proud to introduce a new teaching cohort of online teachers who are native Spanish speakers and experts in their fields. We have a mathematician, computer scientist, engineer, architect, professional illustrator, and visual artist— all possessing a passion for their respective fields and imparting their knowledge to young and curious minds interested in learning new skills in very engaging, and exciting new ways. Classes are intended for students who have a good command of the language (fluent, advanced/ high proficiency level). Intended to engage students through topics of specific interest to them, classes are complete immersion and are designed to strengthen student listening comprehension and conversational fluency. Most importantly, students will learn usefuland fun new skills!

Language Learners Fluent/Highly Proficient
Spanish for Preschoolers Matemáticas Divertidas
Beginner Spanish 1, 2, 3 Cartoon Drawing
Intermediate Spanish 1 & 2 Pencil Drawing
Advanced Spanish 1 Arts & Crafts Workshop